VA RFI: Active Directory Domain Consolidation

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0363

The Contractor shall provide a solution for the consolidation and modernization of VA s Active Directory (AD) environment. This specific effort shall consist of consolidating 33 AD domains. The Contractor shall provide Project Management and AD Architecture analysis, restructuring, and migration.

As a top priority for VA’s Active Directory (AD) Modernization and Cloud Computing, VA requires a solution for the consolidation and modernization of the AD environment that includes 700,000 user(s) and computer objects across 30-plus domains in a single Forest. VA is consolidating AD Domains in order to reduce domain controller footprint and be in a position to consume Cloud Computing services in the future, which may or may not include Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Amazon Web Services (AWS) IaaS, and Office 365. Each phase of this project would consist of collapsing a set of VA AD domains based on the funding provided.

With a re-architecture of AD, the VA is expecting to reduce overall network complexity while increasing resilience and security posture. Applications will be able to take advantage of future 5G networks extending a global footprint of information and data sharing.

The consolidated and restructured AD will meet the following goals:

  • Enable VA to conduct application rationalization.
  • Reduce labor cost for AD Administration.
  • Lower cost of attestation and effort for preparing audit reports.
  • Properly utilize cloud technologies.
  • Bring Recovery Time Objectives to acceptable levels.
  • Reduce ‘surface area’ for attack from adversaries.
  • Reduce “cloud infrastructure” Domain Controller (DC).
  • Lower cost of administration (building DC, updating policies, etc.).
  • Tighten security, lowering risk.
  • Single DC can have a single (temporal) Domain Admin.
  • Enable application rationalization, resulting in fewer overall workloads.
  • Other healthcare providers reduced number of applications by 70%.
  • Both reduction of applications and reduction of instances.
  • Standardize overall network, application, and user security policy.
  • Improve maturity of network and applications to offer advanced, global medical sharing.

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