Cancelled: VA RFI: Agile Center of Excellence (ACoE) Agile Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Enterprises (SAFe) Coaching

Updated July 21, 2021

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0183

“This notification is to inform interested parties the Agile Center of Excellence (ACOE) Coaching requirement (RFI 36C10B21Q0182; T4NG-0581) has been canceled.”

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Posted March 15, 2021

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0183

OIT is seeking Contractor’s assistance with Training, Coaching, Auditing, and Strategy to advance Portfolios, Product Lines, and Product teams, as they mature through Product Line Management, or its successor, with much of the scope for Products/Product Lines who are advancing best practices in agile, scaling agile and DevSecOps, and a small portion of the scope for Products/Product Lines who are implementing SAFe. The Contractor shall deliver coaching, training, auditing, and strategy that aligns with industry frameworks, methodologies, and best practices for Agile, Scrum, scaling agile, DevSecOps, and SAFe.

The Contractor shall coach and mentor VA to develop a standard approach that shall establish patterns and processes that enable VA to evaluate the effectiveness of the PLM Framework transformation at the contract, contract team, product, product line, portfolio, and leadership level. The Contractor shall partner with VA Portfolios, Product Lines, and Product Teams to further PLM Framework implementation strategies for transforming all VA, via an iterative process-improvement cycle.

The Contractor shall provide coaching and training for leadership and products (i.e. product teams) to advance products through the PLM Framework. Coaching and Training, whether for leadership or for products, shall occur with an audience ranging in size from one person to over 200 persons. Training/Coaching shall vary, based on the government needs and coursework/coaching content; virtual via a VA approved communication tool, classroom (VA or contractor facility), or a mix of virtual/classroom. Training deliveries shall include training, registration/certification fees, course materials, and any supplies needed to deliver the course. The Government anticipates no more than 1,000 SAFe seat licenses per Base PoP (10 months) and Option year PoPs (12 months each).

The Contractor shall conduct approximately 4,500 training seats on the PLM Framework, within the Base PoP (10 months); the training seats number is expected to increase to approximately 5,000 seats in the Option year PoPs (12 months each). It is anticipated that PLM Framework training sessions conducted in support of Task 5.2 and Task 5.3 will apply towards the training seats count. Training material developed for all 5.2 tasks shall be provided to COR and ACOE Coaching Team for advance approval, 10 business days prior to delivery. An exception will be made for certification training (e.g. Scrum Alliance, SAFe), where the training materials already exist; the certification training material needs to be provided to coincide with scheduled class dates. Scenarios may exist where the government will request training to be developed with a short turnaround time; for these scenarios, training materials delivery due dates will be negotiated with the Contractor.

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