VA RFI: Comparative Effectiveness of Mental Health Applications

Notice ID: 36C24521Q0631

“The Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention (OMHSP) is supporting an assessment of remotely delivered mental health applications for the prevention and treatment of common mental health disorders – specifically, anxiety and depression.”

“This acquisition shall provide assessment tools and analytic support for the development and evaluation of individualized treatment recommendations for Veterans suffering from anxiety and depression. This new innovative technology is part of a public health approach to preventing and ending suicide among Service members and Veterans.”

“Scope: The Contractor shall provide the services required to design, develop, test, and personalize use of remotely delivered digital health applications for the prevention and treatment of anxiety and depressive disorders.”

“The Contractor shall perform the following:

  • Provide an evidence-based, customizable, assessment tool sufficient for detecting predictors of treatment response for mental health disorders. The assessment tool shall be in the form of a self-report survey or surveys appropriate for use with Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI) or electronic (i.e. internet) administration. The assessment tools shall be evidence-based and supported by appropriate documentation. Customization shall be to the characteristics of Veteran populations and treatment within the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).  The contractor is required to have experience in the assessment of treatment response for depression and/or anxiety disorders among Veterans receiving VHA services.  A list of domains and recommended assessment schedule are required prior to delivery of the final instrument.
  • Provide consultation, code and instructions on analyzing data collected from multiple sources including self-report surveys, digital tools (i.e. apps) and VA administrative data. The Contractor shall provide a document providing instructions on standardizing data, development of a final analytic data file, weighting of survey data (if appropriate), and analyses of data.
  • Include personnel who are experts in the assessment of mental health disorders, including the assessment of treatment outcomes, among military and Veteran populations and analyses of heterogeneity in treatment effects.
  • Provide project management for all work to be completed in developing/customizing an assessment tool, analysis of data, reporting, and meeting deliverables within allotted timeframes…”

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