VA RFI: Enghouse Interactive Software Upgrade and Data Migration Support

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0442

“The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Cooperative Studies Program Coordinating Center (CSPCC) has a requirement for firm fixed price brand name Enghouse Interactive software license upgrade and data migration. This requirement is to upgrade the existing Communications Portal (CP) Server to the latest software version.  The communication server is a new virtual server that will be provided by the Cooperative Studies Program Coordinating Center’s local Office of Information Technology.  The Contractor shall migrate four analog ports to four Sessions Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunks off the NEC SV9500, which will be integrated to the new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) server.”

“The Contractor shall upgrade the Enghouse Interactive Software from version 9.0 (current) to version 10.4.  The upgrade shall include migration of four analogue phone lines to Dialogic host media processing (HMP) session initiation protocol (SIP) (Cisco CM). The Contractor shall provide design services which are inclusive of Implementation Service (install), Advance Appdev Services, Advanced User Acceptance Testing Services, Advanced Cutover Services and Project Management.  Additionally, the Contractor shall provide Enghouse Interactive, Communication Portal Sessions Initiation Protocol Port Dialogic Host Media Processing and Enghouse Systems LTD, Communication Portal Software Assurance – Premier.”

“The period of performance shall be completed within three months from date of award…”

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