VA RFI: Legacy and VistA Transition Support

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0469

The Contractor shall provide program management office (PMO) and technical support for the Software Product Management (SPM) Health Portfolio.  The Contractor shall provide planning and support activities for the Legacy and VistA system as VA transitions to the EHRM solution to include implementation and configuration evaluations, site cutover support, usage monitoring planning and reporting, and rapid deployment monitoring.  This TO does not include deprecation plans but focuses on restricted access, monitoring data growth (and decreased data growth), and background activities such as TaskMan jobs and Health Level 7 messaging.

The Contractor shall support twelve (12) EHR site implementations per year during the base period and each option period, if exercised.  Each site implementation is estimated to be 120 days in duration.  The Contractor shall support multiple site implementations concurrently.  If the EHR site implementations per year exceed the twelve (12) required during the base and each option period, the Government may exercise Optional Task One to support the additional site implementations.


For each EHR site implementation, the Contractor shall evaluate the planned capabilities and configuration of the Cerner Millenium solution and provide an assessment via the EHR Implementation Evaluation Report.  The Contractor shall utilize questionnaires, interviews, and/or monitoring as part of the evaluation process.  The EHR Implementation Evaluation Report shall summarize findings with recommendations for changes to the Legacy and VistA Cutover Plan, Site Monitoring Plan, and OEHRM Cutover Intake.  The Contractor shall determine if each EHR implementation site is utilizing VistA or another enterprise workflow in a manner that would impact the Legacy and VistA Cutover Plan or OEHRM Cutover Intake.  Implementations have varying complexities and services.  Examples of a potential site variations in workflow could include the following: the site may participate in a study or grant program to track lung functions affected by a known exposure during active service; the site developed specific workflows to capture data including Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS), Imaging, etc. but also created tracking abilities to quantify research data results.

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