VA RFI: Mental Health Mobile app testing and content writing

Notice ID: 36C10B21R0036

This contract action is part of a set of activities designed to maintain, redesign, test, and upgrade existing mobile apps previously built for NCPTSD, in order to provide reliable, high-quality mental health service to Veterans, their families, health care providers, and others. The specific work assignments will be determined throughout the period of performance, as Apple’s successive updates to iOS and Google’s successive updates to Android introduce new bugs and performance problems to the apps over the year, and as NCPTSD staff consider and develop possible new features.

The Contractor shall provide native mobile app (iOS and Android) testing and content writing for mobile apps and public health education materials to support NCPTSD mobile apps for PTSD. This includes include functional testing, user experience

testing, and ensuring the apps are clinically sound and current. The Contractor shall also generate clinical content for the mobile apps.

Contractor personnel directly involved with application testing and clinical content services shall have completed a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from an APA-accredited program, have clinical experience in working with Veterans with PTSD, conducting behavioral research, have expertise in science and evidence-based recommendations for the treatment of PTSD, and clinical experience in delivering mobile interventions to Veterans with PTSD.

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