VA RFI: Privacy Records Assessment Data Analytics and Risk (PRADAR)

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0453

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Office of Information & Technology (OIT), Quality, Performance and Risk (QPR), Privacy and Records Assessment Directorate (PRAD), Assessment Risk Data Analytics project was conceived and funded in 2015 under the Data Validation project, to support internal and external integration of security and privacy processes, risks, by combining disparate data sources in order to create consolidated visual security and privacy “postures”.  These postures detail compliance data from assessments conducted at Veterans Benefit Administration (VBA), National Cemetery Administration (NCA), and VA Central Office (VACO) facilities.  This effort will continue that capability but will now bring in additional VA data sources in order to accurately represent and report on continuous monitoring, facility self-assessments, remediation, existing plans of actions and milestones, privacy and security incidents, ArcGIS data and create effective, targeted reporting mechanisms to all levels of VA personnel enabling improved risk identification, remediation, and monitoring while maximizing the effectiveness of decision making capabilities.

The Contractor shall provide Project Management, dataset development, reports and dashboards development, deployment to PBI workspaces, testing, and documentation.

The Contractor shall develop Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (PBI) datasets from approximately 20 VA data sources in the base period and approximately 5 additional data sources per option year thereafter.  These data sources exist in the form of spreadsheet, CSV, Access, XML, SQL and SharePoint data. These datasets shall reside in the PBI workspace and be refreshed quarterly.

The Contractor shall use Data Analysis eXpressions (DAX), M-language, Python, R script, and power query to develop approximately 50 visual reports and dashboards from PBI datasets for VA enterprise stakeholders namely PRAD, QPR, OIS, VBA, NCA and VACO Headquarters. These visualizations shall be developed in PBI development workspaces specifically to support each VA enterprise stakeholder and be accessible via mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

The Contractor shall deploy visual reports and dashboards developed in the PBI workspaces using accepted deployment methods such as PBI pipelines, Power Apps and automated workflows, to VA enterprise stakeholders, namely PRAD, QPR, OIS, VBA, NCA and VACO Headquarters desktops, laptops, and mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

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