VA RFI: Sunrise Decision Support System (DSS) Software Maintenance

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0421

The Contractor shall maintain the system, including software applications and VA specific code (i.e., Software Enhancements), in a production-ready state so that MCA data can be processed in an uninterrupted manner.  The Contractor shall provide appropriate software modifications when the software malfunctions.  This shall also apply to all code malfunctions, which reside in the specific code generated for VA by the Contractor.  The Contractor shall make appropriate expertise available to attend conference calls and face-to-face meetings in order to maintain the DSS operational application during the term of this contract.  Any alterations shall not void the warranty VA currently has with Strata Decision Technology software.

The Contractor shall inform VA regarding the timetable of upcoming Sunrise Decision Support Maintenance releases, updates, versions, and upgrades that it provides to its commercial customer base.  The Contractor shall also provide written notice within 10 business days of Strata Decision Technology’s notification of upcoming releases and the timeframe within which these will be made available to VA.  Strata shall provide and archive on Government’s shared digital file all maintenance releases, updates, versions, and upgrades shall be provided along with Sunrise Decision Support user documentation and Technical Documentation that describes the release, update, version or upgrade, and updates, as well as instructions to install the release, update, version, or upgrade on the mainframe at the Austin Information Technology Center (AITC).  The Government will decide, in consultation with the Contractor, if/when an update to code is to be implemented.  When directed to implement updated code, the Contractor shall test any and all changes to existing code in a VA supplied dedicated test region(s) prior to releasing the code to the staff at MCAO for User Acceptance Testing (UAT).  The Contractor shall provide its successful Software Quality Assurance Test Results to the Government as part of the package for the hand-over to Government’s UAT.   After the Government provides its documented passing of UAT, the Contractor shall provide Certification for Release to the Government for its scheduled deployment to production.  The Contractor shall provide technical advice to the testing staff at MCAO and the AITC in establishing test region(s), test procedures, and in testing the software in both the test region (Alpha Testing) and in a subset of medical centers’ production regions (Beta Testing) before general release.  Software diagnostic and repair services and application and database support at the AITC shall be provided during the testing.  Software Maintenance Releases shall be available at a time mutually agreed to by the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) and the Contractor.

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