VA RFI: VISN 7 Wayfinding Patient Facing Mobile Application

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0470

The purpose of this procurement is to obtain a patient facing mobile application with active wayfinding and vetlink kiosk integration.  The application shall be able to load site specific content and events. The application must provide an integrated and comprehensive wayfinding system to direct patients and visitors throughout each hospital. This includes general instructions to common destinations or specific instructions to an appointment after checking in on the VetLink kiosks and/or on interactive displays.

This system must:

  • Provide a mobile phone application that runs on apple and android operating systems
  • Application must be available on apple and android store for download
  • Application home screen must be customizable by VA
  • Application must include facility notification area
  • Application must include facility target content area
  • Application must include facility event calendar area
  • Application must be able to link to existing and future resources, include but not limited to:
    • MyHealtheVet
    • Care Locator
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Benetravel
  • Application must include customizable VA survey
  • Application must have ability to send push notifications
  • Application must have ability to generate appointment reminders
  • Application must be able to provide usage data and statistics
  • Application must provide web-based management application for content and statistics

Wayfinding application requirements:

  • Sync with patient appointments
  • Using existing navigation application on phone, get patient from current location to desired site of care
  • Active blue dot location shown on screen
  • Turn by turn navigation based upon location
  • “Google Maps” style navigation visualization
  • Provide directions to know facility landmarks, clinics, entrance, exit, parking, etc
  • Indoor intelligence to track patient flow through corridors
  • Ability to expand wayfinding to clinics and future locations

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