VA RFQ: Electronic Quality Management Software System

Notice ID: 36C26221Q0949

The desired service is required for an electronic Quality Management web-based software platform for quality management of VISN 22 Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Service (PLMS). Modules requested are: document control, competency assessment, non-conforming event management, training program, and inspection preparedness tools capable of downloading accreditation checklists (i.e., CAP, The Joint Commission)/ standards and lab responses to standards.   Services to be provided include complete software set up and configuration, conversion from previous formats, onsite or web-based training, software upgrades, and ongoing client support.


The Contractor shall provide updates to both the equipment hardware and software in order to maintain the integrity of the system and the state-of –the art technology, at no additional charge to the Government. These shall be provided as they become commercially available and at the same time as they are being provided to commercial customers.

This requirement only applies to “system updates” that enhance the model of equipment being offered, i.e. new version of software, correction of software defect, update offered to commercial customers at no additional charge, upgrade to replace model of equipment no longer Contractor supported, etc.  This does not refer to replacing the original piece of equipment provided under the IDIQ; however, it does refer to significant changes in the hardware operational capability.

Document Control

  • Software must have the ability to handle over 50,000 documents.
  • Software must allow customizable templates which may include headers, footer, numbering.
  • Software must allow various types of documents (File formats) to be used within the system, such as, but not limited to Word, PDF, Excel, VISIO, and PowerPoint.
  • Software must allow multiple approvers on a single document.
  • Software must allow documents to be linked to other documents within the system.
  • Document editing and audit of changes must be contained within the software package…

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