VA RFQ: Veterans Health Administration Employee Education System

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0439

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) existing Talent Management System (TMS), while powerful in many ways, is limited in others. It cannot collect custom parameters or display usage and interaction data based on those parameters. It also relies on a limited static content server rather than a true content management system, meaning that VA Employee Education System (EES) cannot dynamically manage any of its learning content that is deployed on TMS. These limitations do not affect a large percentage of EES’s work, for which the VA TMS is appropriate.

This proposed EES SaaS system will enable VA to have a single vehicle for all learning content that has custom data collection and content requirements which are not available within the current standard TMS delivery parameters. This EES SaaS system will provide VA with the following benefits over standard VA TMS content deployment:

  1. Real-time data collection using Experience Application Programming Interface (xAPI)
  2. Customizable analytics linked to learner objectives
  3. Customizable dashboards for stakeholders
  4. Easily accessible, open source, interchangeable data

The Contractor shall provide VA an Education System as a SaaS managed service solution, hosted on a FedRAMP certified cloud platform, with the ability to accept/export standardized data with VA’s System of Record (SOR) for training. The Education System shall be accessible and operational within 30 days after task order award.

The Contractor shall provide access to the Education System to include a Moodle learning management system, utilization of the xAPI specification, the incorporation of Learning Record Store (LRS), a reporting system for activity in Moodle and the LRS, and hosted by a FedRAMP-low compliant content server.

Table 1- The following table contains a combination of both brand name and open source products/configurations that VA knows would meet the below salient characteristics (See Section 1.4)…

1.4.1 Learning Record Store

  1. Learning record store/learning analytics combination
  2. xAPI support, including unlimited statements and activities
  3. Customizable Dashboards
  4. Analytics linked to learner objectives
  5. Learning program analysis
  6. Custom report builder
  7. Dynamic report sharing
  8. Unlimited data export
  9. Report embedding
  10. Data download to .csv file
  11. Online training available for users as well as admins (The Contractor shall provide quarterly virtual training)

1.4.2 Learning Management System and Hosting

  1. Open-source LMS that is widely used
  2. Course-based learning platform that is modular: a. Includes collaboration tools like forums, wikis, chats, file sharing, ePortfolios, and blogs
    1. Includes thousands of plug-in modules for expansion, like podcasting, quiz games, etc.
  3. Highly customizable
  4. Scalable to any size user group
  5. Ability to accept/export data using standard formats from VA’s SOR for training

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