VA RFQ: Living Systems Process Suite (LSPS) Licenses

Notice ID: 36C10A21Q0250

The contractor shall deliver to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Information Technology (OIT), Enterprise Portfolio Management Department (EPMD), Benefits, Appeals and Memorials (BAM) Portfolio Brand name or Equal Living Systems Process Suite (LSPS) Unlimited Licenses and Maintenance services in support of the Long Term Solution (LTS) Chapter 33 Claim Processing application under the Automate GI Bill Application project. The period of performance for this action shall be for 12 months Base period, plus four (4) twelve (12) month options.  Software period of performance shall be August 15, 2021 to August 14, 2022.  Maintenance shall include software updates, patches, and bug fixes for the Brand name or Equal LSPS Unlimited software purchased by the VA.

The contractor shall deliver a Java-based Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) that can perform modeling, execution, and analytic optimization of goal-oriented business processes, based on the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) standard. The software shall directly execute process models without requiring any coding.

The contractor shall ensure the software can process business process modeling, data analyzing, workflow automation, metrics and optimizing in Chapter 33 Claim Processing application system. VA requires a software in both the development and production operation teams in order for VA to implement automation requirements to determine which cases should go to VCE’s for human intervention versus fully automated.

In addition, the software shall provide the capabilities to support web-layer, API-layer, and system-layer integration allowing applications to potentially connect with any systems within VA enterprise to support business processing.

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