VA Sources Sought: VASTL Vocera Upgrade and Badges

Notice ID: 36C25521Q0486

“The VA Saint Louis Health Care System intends to procure an upgrade to their existing VOCERA system and add VOCERA-compatible communication badges. This requirement will span both Jefferson Barracks and John Cochran campuses…”

“Vendors under this proposal shall provide all equipment and accessories, installation services, and project management support.”


Vendor shall provide 1000 Vocera compatible and VA-approved smartbadges.

  • VA-approved in this sense means approved by VA OI&T for use on the VA production network via Authority to Operate or other appropriate approval documentation.
  • Documentation should be provided with bid for review and consideration.”

“Vendor shall upgrade existing Engage platform to version 6.x, migrate data, and add Voice and Messaging for smartbadges.”

“Vendor shall provide all necessary hardware and software to establish an Analytics program on the Vocera system…”

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