MHS RFQ: Navy Medicine Readiness Training Command (NMRTC) Legacy System Support

RFQ ID RFQ1506181

“NMRTC has a requirement for support in the following areas with specific support for Naval Medical and Military Health System (MHS) legacy applications: (a) Software Installation and Testing; (b) Technical Support; (c) Network Support; (d) Telecommunication Support; (e) Computer Operations Support; (f) System Security Support; and (g) Administrative Support.”

“The contractor personnel shall be familiar with a broad range of computer systems (including Windows 10 Enterprise operating systems/Server 2012/2016), Active Directory, Video Teleconferencing equipment, their operations and configuration, the installation and complexities of software management, and electronic communication. Contractor personnel shall analyze problems typically found in the medical environment and offer solutions involving legacy clinical applications.”


  • Task A – Software Installation and Testing

The contractor shall test new applications, maintain existing legacy program of record applications, utility and other systems common-use software. The contractor shall (a) provide technical support to all users and/or perform corrective functions necessary to correct software and systems failures, errors, and malfunctions; (b) perform routine operating system and application software installation and maintenance; (c) maintain existing database management systems applications; (d) provide installation support of vendor-supplied software fixes for operation and application software; and (e) provide one-on-one training for standard software products used at the command as required.

  • Task B – Technical Support

The contractor shall provide hardware and communication-error diagnosis and preventive maintenance services, de-installation of unserviceable equipment, installation of spare equipment and software. The contractor shall (a) troubleshoot equipment, identify problems areas and make in-house repairs or send and track progress of equipment under warranty to identified repair centers; (b) ensure desktop, laptop and notebook computer systems are functioning properly and determine ways to improve operation and utilization; (c) set up custom operating configurations such as multiple drive and multiple operating system requirements commensurate with the needs of the customer; (d) provide over-the-phone “walk-through” troubleshooting, networking and software advice; (e) migrate existing workstation software while maintaining user profile and personalized configurations where applicable; and (f) install and test functionality of operating systems, menus and application software…

  • Task C – Network Support

The contractor shall provide basic network hardware support, such as replacing concentrator modules, swapping network ports (at patch panel), and facilitating relocation of networked workstation.

  • Task D – Telecommunication Support

The contractor shall prepare Telephone Service Requests (TSRs) for users, and provide necessary troubleshooting support for telephones and coordinate with Base Operating Support to solve problems and coordinate upgrades to telephone systems. Support will require operation, call setup and training for video teleconferencing equipment including, remotely, throughout the command.

  • Task E – Computer Operations

The contractor shall monitor environment, supply inventory, perform system restarts and system backups. The contractor will perform routine checks of assigned servers to include event and security logs and other standard checks as determined necessary for server administration.

  • Task F – System Security Support

The contractor shall provide Network Security Officer support as directed by the Network Administrator or the command Information System Security Officer. The contractor shall maintain the command inventory of all equipment to be used with the Command Contingency Plans (processor types, memory configuration, manufacturer, serial and plant accounting numbers, software version and license/registration numbers) …”

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