FDA RFP: Electronic Museum (EMu) Scientific Collection Management System (SCMS) software – Brand Name or Equal

Notice ID: FDA-SOL-21-1240215

“The U.S Food and Drug Administration is establishing a contract to provide software and services associated with implementing the Electronic Museum (EMu) Scientific Collection Management System (SCMS) software, brand name or equal to. This includes training and support services to assist the FDA in maintaining and supporting the EMu SCMS…”

“The scope of this effort includes the acquisition and maintenance of EMu (Electronic Museum) licenses, installation and configuration of all software versions and service packs issued during the subscription period, technical application configuration, testing, implementation, training, and general system process consulting services to support FDA and achieve the objectives in Section 2 above.”

“This scope of work encompasses the following task areas:

  • Transition Activities
  • Program and Project Management
  • Licensure
    • Installation and Configuration for Software Subscription
  • Implementation Services for Scientific Collections
    • Technical Application Configuration
    • Testing
    • Configuration Management
    • Training
    • Problem Resolution
  • Annual Support and Maintenance (O&M) …”

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