FDA RFQ: Project Management Software (Distiller SR or Equal)

Notice ID: FDA-RFQ-21-1243234

“Objective: The Project Management Systematic Review Software (Distiller (SR) or equal shall provide NSRB staff capability to manage, track and streamline the screening, data extraction, and reporting processes of the systematic science review and literature review. The process of systematic review will be more transparent and organized.  And utilizing this software makes it easier for multiple people to work on the same project.”

“Salient Characteristics:

  • Solution shall provide best-in-class support: Project Management Software include highly responsive and unlimited live support for the life of your projects.
  • Solution shall provide a streamlined and automated screening and data extraction, reviewer conflict checking, duplicate reference removal, full text retrieval, and inclusion/exclusion processing.
  • Solution shall provide an automated manual document, data, and process management tasks associated with reviews.
  • Solution shall provide built-in automation and validation tools that dramatically reduce the potential for error in your reviews.
  • Solution shall provide periodic updates to remove the references already reviewed, adjust protocol if needed, and process only the new references.
  • Solution shall reduce the amount of time spent on screening and data extraction by leveraging Artificial Intelligence-powered features.
  • Solution shall be used from any browser on any device, to allow real time collaboration.
  • Solution shall provide an Al-powered review assistance features
  • Solution shall provide an automated reference screening, validation, and full text retrieval
  • Solution shall provide dramatic improvements in speed and accuracy
  • Solution shall provide customizable forms and protocols
  • Solution shall provide living, updatable reviews
  • Solution shall provide real time team collaboration
  • Solution shall provide support for 500,000+ references per review
  • Solution shall provide unlimited concurrent users
  • Solution shall provide AI-based reference prioritization and screening automation
  • Solution shall provide 100% customizable forms and workflows…”

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