Army MEDCOM Sources Sought: Novel Machine Learning Based Approaches to Predict Supply Chain Management and Logistical Needs

Notice ID: W81K0221Q0157

“The Joint Base Lewis McChord Health Contracting Branch, Tacoma  WA (JBLM-HCB) is conducting a Sources Sought for Market Research  purposes only.  There is no solicitation available at this time.   Requests for solicitation will receive no response.  The Contractor  shall provide information on “Novel Application Machine Learning  Technology – Improve & Update the process of Combat Casualty Care.”   The proposed aims to seek to radically enhance the existing methods of  Medical Material Logistics planning, establishing a Machine Learning  (ML) Model at Madigan Army Medical Center (MAMC), Joint Base Lewis  McChord WA in accordance with the attached Performance Work Statement  (PWS)…”

“The Contractor shall create novel application of machine learning (ML) technology to improve and update the process of combat casualty care medical logistics to forecast the critical medical resource requirements based on patterns in past data or simulations conducted for routine and novel situations:

  • Conduct data validation and complete descriptive analysis
  • Train, test, and validate ML models related to clustering and forecasting of medical materials
  • Train, test, and validate an ML model to predict optimal needs of medical materiel supply bundles
  • Test and validate ML predictive model of medical materiel needs for simulated megacity conflict…”

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