MHS: Revamped Virtual Med Center Makes Health Care Feel Like a Video Game

“Years ago, going to a medical appointment required driving across town to see a doctor or other provider in person.”

“But these days, military veterans and active-duty service members can go online, choose a customized avatar, and virtually visit a doctor, meet with therapists, or consult about their care from a variety of locations beyond the clinic.”

“The Department of Veterans Affairs’ Virtual Medical Center offers patients a video game-style experience. It features a virtual ‘Heroes Beach’ where patients can ‘sit’ around a bonfire in front of a panoramic view of the sea at sunset, sharing stories with others in a warm and inviting setting.”

“The VMC is currently available to both veterans and service members and their families.”

“Initially launched in 2015, the VMC platform provides patients, providers, and staff a virtual, interactive clinical setting where they can access information on specific topics in 2D as well as the option to virtually interact with other users individually or in group settings in 3D. An updated web version of the VMC is being launched at the end of the summer, which will allow users the full 3D experience without having to download anything onto their computers.”

“The expanded version comes at a time of increased demand for telehealth and other remote services. It includes new resources and innovative options that leverage current technologies like virtual reality to improve accessibility, provide convenience, and expand efficiency of medical care to all registered users. It also includes the new Performance Health and Wellness Center, a new clinic within the VMC that will offer synchronous and asynchronous educational programs for veterans and active-duty service members on cardiovascular disease risk factors…” Read the full article here.

Source: Revamped Virtual Med Center Makes Health Care Feel Like a Video Game – By Claudia Sanchez-Bustamante, July 26, 2021. Military Health System.



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