NIH Sources Sought: Human Research Information System (HuRIS) Programming Support and Maintenance Services

Notice ID: 75N95021R00057

“The purpose of the requirement is to provide continued development and support services for addressing new requirements and for the expansion, upgrade, and maintenance of the involved informatics and mobile health (mHealth) solutions. HuRIS and its allied systems have been in production for almost twenty years and are automating all the major clinical functions of the NIDA/IRP’s clinics. In an effort to obtain more detailed research data, researchers desire more finely tuned event scheduling for participants admitted to research protocols. HuRIS already provides very granular scheduling support, but new requests are constantly arising. Test and questionnaire data collection is becoming more complex, and test scoring algorithms are also increasing in complexity. The continuing automation of these developments will improve efficiency and allow for greater attention to research efforts. The extensive in-depth experiences are also being leveraged for automating projects such as reverse translational research. It encompasses the entire protocol approval processes for animal studies throughout its various stages and provides users within their respective roles with the capability to manage via an efficient and user-friendly web interface. The implementation of new technologies as they become available will provide users with a modern and effective system, improving security, efficiency and the user experience. In an effort to deliver the best possible utility, extensive periodic review, revision and enhancement of the overall HuRIS system is essential.”

“The proposed solution needs to meet the ongoing mission critical needs of the clinical research program’s efforts and the protocol tracking of other scientific studies in a timely fashion with the required specialized knowledge and the understanding of the existing code. It needs to ensure the integrity of the data collected, provides the checks and balance for the safety of the enrolled clinical research participants, and maintains the overall operation and integrity of the clinical research program. It needs to provide complete assurance and oversight of whether treatment interventions are being implemented as intended and that accurate records are being maintained, thus the integrity of the science being performed at the NIDA IRP…”

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