Press Release: LMI and Exiger Collaboration Brings AI/ML Supply Chain Resiliency Pilot Program to Defense Logistics Agency

“LMI today announced an expansion of its over 25 years of support to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) with a new pilot program. This contract, awarded to the LMI and Exiger team, leverages extensive expertise from each organization in innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) approaches and improves operations throughout all DLA Supply Chain Security Strategy focus areas. The program will assess and manage supply chains better through cutting-edge technology.”

“Exiger is a global leader in AI-powered supply chain risk management. With Due Diligence IQ (DDIQ), Exiger’s proprietary AI/ML platform, DLA will improve supply chain security and procurement processes. DDIQ rapidly uncovers, assesses, and mitigates supply chain risk exposure at the speed of relevancy. As an award-winning AI/ML risk identification platform, DDIQ supplies unparalleled analysis and insights for critical supply chains and the underlying third-party risk associated with them. Driving transformational change in the vetting of entities at an unprecedented scale, DDIQ has performed due diligence on tens of millions of entities across the world’s largest financial institutions, corporations, and government agencies, including over 90 companies in the Fortune 250.”

“LMI, with 60 years of deep domain expertise in complete logistics support, including acquisition services, operations, supply chain and lifecycle management, sustainment, and risk management and mitigation, has a strong record of supporting DLA and supply chain risk efforts across the Department of Defense. After DDIQ and subject matter experts assess the risks and impacts, LMI will employ predictive models to ascertain specific supplier challenges and proactive risk management processes…”

“Of this opportunity, Pat Tamburrino Jr., vice president of LMI’s logistics practice, stated, ‘This work will help DLA rapidly capture supply chain risk data and turn it into actionable intelligence. LMI and Exiger’s experience will further secure DLA’s supply chain and provide DLA with the ability to pivot in real time. The LMI and Exiger team looks forward to leveraging our combined capabilities to supercharge supply chain resilience programs across the broader federal government marketplace…'” Read the full press release here.

Source: LMI and Exiger Collaboration Brings AI/ML Supply Chain Resiliency Pilot Program to Defense Logistics Agency – August 10, 2021. LMI.

Logistics Management Institute (LMI) was named to the list of NXT UP firms poised to make big waves in the Federal sector in 2020 and for years to come.



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