Press Release: Medicom Awarded Five New VA Contracts That Extend Its Health Information Network

Medicom, creator of the first federated health information network in the U.S., is pleased to announce it has been awarded five additional contracts with the Department of Veterans Affairs. The recent contract awards will enable Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) 21, VISN 2, VISN 9, the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center in VISN 10, and the VA Illiana Health Care System in VISN 12 to join the 15 existing VA Health Care Systems as participants in Medicom’s Health Information Network. Medicom’s Health Information Network improves patient outcomes while lowering costs by solving longstanding interoperability challenges. These new additions to the Medicom Network will provide electronic access to medical imaging and records data for 2.9 million veterans seeking care from 38 VA Medical Centers across 21 states and U.S. jurisdictions…”

Medicom Enables Care Coordination with Commercial Healthcare Providers – A Growing Need as a Result of the Mission Act

“Since enacted in 2018, the Mission Act has increased veterans’ access to healthcare in the community. While the Mission Act has been lauded as a significant step forward in giving veterans access to healthcare services in the private sector, it has also created many clinical and administrative challenges. Medical images and diagnostic results are often couriered to and from the VA on CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs, resulting in considerable delays in diagnoses and continuity of care, as well as costs to the VA estimated at $163-181 million per year, nationally.”

“Medicom’s federated platform solves these interoperability challenges with its secure, proprietary Network which enables indexing, search, and retrieval of information in a decentralized manner. Via Medicom’s platform, healthcare providers such as the VA can retrieve requested images and reports from community providers electronically through temporary encrypted conduits and seamlessly induct the data into their existing healthcare IT record systems, such as an EMR or PACS.”

“The Medicom platform brings a patient’s complete medical history into a search-oriented user-interface and simplifies the health information search and retrieval process for patients, providers, and third parties alike by creating an efficient and straightforward user experience…” Read the full press release here.

Source: Medicom Awarded Five New VA Contracts That Extend Its Health Information Network from New York to Hawaii Enabling Medical Image Sharing and Health Records Exchange for Millions of Veterans – August 9, 2021. PR Newswire.



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