Press Release: Peraton Receives $497M Department of Veterans Affairs Contract to Provide Infrastructure-as-a-Managed Service (IaaMS)

“Peraton has received a contract from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide infrastructure-as-a-managed service (laaMS) for storage and computing infrastructure facilities across the U.S. and globally. The fixed-price contract is worth up to $497 million over seven years.”

“Under this contract Peraton will deliver an enterprise scale IaaMS solution that integrates on-premise infrastructure with the VA Enterprise Cloud. Peraton will support VA’s mission-critical workloads, including VistA Imaging, from legacy infrastructure to IaaMS.”

“’Peraton is proud to build on our 20-year history as one of VA’s technology partners,’ said Tarik Reyes, president, Global Health & Financial Solutions sector, Peraton. ‘This award demonstrates Peraton’s unique capabilities in health data management and storage, and deep understanding of VA’s mission. Our innovative laaMS solution simplifies infrastructure consumption into an easy-to-use managed service, enabling enterprise-level transparency across clouds and facilities.'”

“’Peraton is uniquely positioned to deliver next-generation storage capability and services to the VA and the veterans who have proudly served our country,’ said George Rollins, vice president, VA and Defense Health, Peraton.”

“IaaMS will support up to 220+ petabytes of VA’s mission critical data, ranging from business operations data to the medical images used in veteran care. Additionally, IaaMS will enable VA to create a standardized service delivery model that eliminates application-specific infrastructure silos, leverages cloud-based storage capabilities, and implements industry best practices for storage.”

“Contract work will be performed at up to 300 VA sites across the continental U.S. and abroad…” Read the full press release here.

Source: Peraton Receives $497M Department of Veterans Affairs Contract to Provide Infrastructure-as-a-Managed Service (IaaMS) – August 2, 2021. Peraton.

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