Press Release: TIAG and Partner CoachMePlus Announce $1.4 Million Contract with The Army Recovery Care Program

“TIAG has exclusively partnered with CoachMePlus to bring their best-of-class commercial athlete management system (AMS) to the DoD marketplace as Warrior Performance Platform (WP2).”

“The Army Recovery Care Program (ARCP) manages the recovery and complex care for wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers across all Army components. The five-year program will help increase the accessibility and efficiency of rehabilitation for wounded warriors…”

“Warrior Performance Platform (WP2) platform fuses TIAG’s demonstrated expertise in data analytics, telemedicine, and cutting-edge health IT solutions with decades of lessons learned within military communities and professional sports arenas. Advancing proactive performance management from training through deployment, WP2 is powered by applied science and next generation human performance analytics, integrating the CoachMePlus performance-optimization solution used by major teams across the CFL, MLB, MLS, NBA, NCAA, NFL, NHL and military.”

“The platform will provide a digital Activity Clearance Form (ACF) for each Soldier, real-time calendar updates for ARCP events, and tracking of specific Soldier ARCP goals. WP2 will help ensure compliance with weekly ARCP requirements using a centralized tracking of Soldier AR participation, which can be divided at the lowest levels (i.e., by Soldier or squad leader) up to the highest levels (per unit and enterprise-wide).”

“’As a purpose-built performance-tracking platform for the DoD and federal community, WP2 monitors key indicators of a warrior’s health and capability, maximizing the value of real-time and historical data within one centralized system,’ Jake Repanshek, Executive Director of Solutions & Technology. ‘Providing the capability to track participation, uncover trends, develop insights, and identify gaps; WP2 provides ARCP with access to compliance and efficacy data never before available to the organization…'” Read the full press release here.

Source: TIAG and Partner CoachMePlus Announce $1.4 Million Contract with The Army Recovery Care Program – August 2, 2021. TIAG.

TIAG was named to the list of NXT UP firms poised to make big waves in the Federal sector in 2020 and for years to come.



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