VA recruits EHR Modernization Interoperability Strategy & Contracts Consultant

Christy Hoang, an IT consultant with 15+ Years of professional experience in federal, state government/public, private and nonprofit client engagement, business development, infrastructure and software development project management, system analysis and MIS, has taken on a new challenge as EHR Modernization Interoperability Strategy & Contracts Consultant supporting the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Christy’s career has grown from a technical background to contract proposals and business development to advising the Federal government as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) of Procurement and Acquisitions.

Prior roles include:

  • Managing Director, Business Development – Kreatek Information Systems
  • Management Consultant & Subject Matter Expert (SME) of Cybersecurity Procurement – U.S. Department of State (Contract)
  • Transition Manager IT Consultant at Hudson Valley Systems – NYC Department of Education


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