DHA Workplace 3.0 Final Commercial Solution Opening (CSO) Open

Notice ID: HT003821SC003

Related Notice: HT003821SC003D1

The Workplace 3.0 Final Commercial Solution Opening (CSO) is now open.

“We are seeking a digital workplace managed solution that leverages new innovative technologies, processes, and/or services to enable the entire PEO DHMS workforce to deliver world-class technology.  The provider of this managed solution should also serve as a catalyst for identifying new external technology trends and building community with sources of innovation both outside traditional DoD and Military Health System contractor communities.

We define a workplace as a common infrastructure that enables a modern workforce to successfully complete their work. This includes logistical considerations such as physical collaboration facilities and equipment, virtual and distance collaboration software, information sharing and workflow software, methodologies and tools for scheduling, management of shared resource pools, administrative staffing, and other enabling services to ensure success within the common infrastructure.

We consider a managed solution to cover the full breadth of digital workplace capabilities from document 154 sharing/management to software lifecycle management to workspace design to virtual communications to 155 robotic process automation and to all other enabling areas in the virtual and physical environments. A managed solution scales seamlessly and accommodates fluctuations in demand rapidly. Most importantly, a managed solution enables one seamless workforce where an individual’s Agency or employment status does not affect the individual’s experience with the workplace. A managed solution is an actively managed “stack” of capabilities, where the burden does not fall on the Government to execute individual procurement actions, license/maintenance agreements, or other agreements. A managed solution must be capable of rapid evolution as the needs of the workforce or the state of the art evolve.

Our overarching outcome for award(s) under this CSO is that our workforce has the same or better workplace experience than leading technology firms with whom we want to compete for talent. Our workplace must evolve towards becoming a dynamic, accommodating environment where top talent wants to work to unlock their full potential and achieve team success. It should facilitate meaningful interactions between employees to enable true value creation toward Digital Transformation. We will measure the results of any award(s) against the extent to which these outcomes are satisfied compared to the current state of the organization and ongoing progression of industry.

Additionally, the Workplace 3.0 managed solution is expected to have a strategy for growth and development as the workforce grows and develops. Strategic elements include on- and off-boarding of technologies and physical spaces, how customer satisfaction is measured and increased over time, and communications and branding strategies to market the workplace transformation within and outside the organization. While we anticipate the introduction of the early workplace changes and implementations to 176 have the greatest impact, DHMS will continue to hold ongoing workplace innovations to the highest of standards to continually have meaningful contributions to the productivity of the organization into the future.

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