Press Release: Peraton receives $60 Million Award to provide CDC with Hybrid Cloud Managed Services

“Peraton has received an award from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to provide data center and cloud management services. The award represents new work for the company and has a ceiling value of up to $60 million over five years.

Peraton will provide and manage hybrid private and public cloud services and broker them through an integrated self-service portal. Specifically, the company will manage services from multiple CDC-contracted cloud service providers, facilitate the provisioning of new cloud services, and provide the management and monitoring of these services.

‘CDC’s mission, especially during the ongoing pandemic, is critical to protecting American citizens from health, safety and security threats in the United States and abroad,’ said Tarik Reyes, president, Global Health & Financial Solutions sector. ‘This award gives us the opportunity to support CDC’s cloud strategy and further enable CDC’s core mission. Working closely with our customer, we will help them realize their long-term goal of advancing IT capabilities through modernization, innovation and cloud-smart application migration.’

Additionally, Peraton will be responsible for providing, operating, and managing private cloud infrastructure services including compute, storage and backup, internal data center network and cloud management. Peraton will also assist CDC’s modernization efforts by planning and executing legacy application migrations to these new services…” Read the full press release here.

Source: Peraton receives $60 Million Award to provide CDC with Hybrid Cloud Managed Services – September 13, 2021. Peraton.



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