Scott Jensen lays out the importance of being certified Veteran-owned and/or operated and how that can affect doing business with the VA. What is now just a VA requirement will soon be a requirement to do business with the Government. Listen to learn more.

A link to the NVSBC conference in November is here.


About Scott Jensen

Scott Jensen is the Executive Director of the National Veteran Small Business Coalition. He has served as the Chief Operations Officer for Team RWB, Chief Executive Officer for Protect Our Defenders and as the Assistant Vice President for Leadership Development Programs at the American Council on Education. His three decades of management, leadership and cultural experience provide holistic expertise, understanding, and keen insight into optimizing and growing organizations. With a passion for serving the Veteran and nonprofit communities, he leverages his experience and expertise to support Veteran focused businesses and organizations, helping them maximize their capabilities through practices that achieve top performance.


An 11-year-old nonprofit based in Washington, DC, the National Veteran Small Business Coalition (NVSBC) leads the way as the largest national membership-based Veteran Service Organization serving the needs of Veteran entrepreneurs and small businesses working as Federal contractors.

As a dedicated group of Veteran small business owners, NVSBC knows that an involved citizenry is our best solution to a strong national economy and industrial base. We know that service does not end when a military member takes off their uniform and that the unique qualities of our Veterans make them a force of nature in the business world. We also know that Federal contracting is a tough environment, requiring a team effort to succeed.



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