VA awards contract for COVID-Line Expansion

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0515

Contract: NNG15SD18B36C10B21F0314

VA, Veterans Crisis Line (VCL) Call Centers utilize Avaya for its telephony infrastructure.  An upgrade for the existing Avaya CPOD environment at both the Albany, New York (NY) and Canandaigua, NY locations is required in order to expand the call center and support services to accommodate the National 988 initiative. On July 16, 2020 the FCC established 988 as a new nationwide number for crisis, mental health, and suicide hotline. Since its inception, the VCL has seen a steady rise in call volume. Specifically, since July of 2020, VCL has experienced a 40% call volume increase that is still trending up. It is necessary to increase the capacity of the VCL call center to be able to handle this increased call volume and increase of additional staff that the VCL requires due to the increased call volume. The Contractor shall provide brand name Avaya software licenses, CPOD hardware, and Avaya Professional Services (APS) which includes engineering, planning, configuration changes, implementation, testing and validating of new CPOD hardware, and configuration changes through APS. Specifically, the Contractor shall provide and install 300 additional agent licenses and 50 additional supervisors’ licenses; register all software and hardware in the Avaya Global Registration Process Tool (GRT); provide and install additional hardware required to support the increased amount of users; perform certificate installation to VA standard, update Avaya Aura Experience Portal, and update Avaya CPOD to R4.1.01

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