VA RFI: InVision Freehand User Managed Services Subscription Renewal

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0549

This proposed action shall provide the Loan Guaranty Service (LGY) team with renewal of the existing 250 Brand Name InVision Freehand managed service subscriptions currently in use and increase the quantity by 100 to cover all users.  This software is required to provide the same product and functionality currently in use for the Program Increment (PI) planning sessions for the LGY DevSecOps for SAFe implementation. The period of performance for this action shall be for October 27, 2021 through October 26, 2022 plus three (3) twelve (12) Month Option Periods, if exercised.  In addition, there is an Optional Task for additional subscriptions, which may be exercised up to 50 times during the base and/or option periods.

This procurement is in support of the VA Loan Guaranty (LGY) Development, Security and Operations (DevSecOps) product line support to provide a collaborative whiteboard workspace for LGY to use for their Program Increment (PI) planning sessions for the LGY DevSecOps full PLM Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) implementation. This product is currently in use by a portion of the VA LGY product line DevSecOps teams.  The teams have been using the InVision Freehand tool and requires renewal of the tool licenses to enable them the ability to continue upcoming PI events without any delays. InVision Freehand User is a Software as a Service (SaaS) web-based whiteboard tool that empowers a team of people to work together in a collaborative whiteboard workspace. This allows for a diversity of thought and ideas, primarily from teams like LGY DevSecOps for SAFe implementation during (PI) planning sessions.

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