VA to award contract for Par Excellence (ParEx) Point of Use (POU) Integration

Notice ID: 36C10B21R0025

“Description of Action: The proposed sole source action is for a firm-fixed price (FFP) contract with PAR Excellence (ParEx), 11500 Northlake Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45249 to reconfigure the current Point of Use (POU) ParEx interface to send data to Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) using the Point of Care (POC) interface. This effort includes reconfiguration of existing interfaces to include testing and troubleshooting technical support and POU hardware installation.”

“Description of Supplies or Services: The ParEx POU system is an information technology (IT) based inventory management system currently in use at VA medical centers (VAMCs) and Community Based Outreach Clinics (CBOCs). VA anticipates use of this system for a minimum of three (3) years. ParEx POU supply chain technology is implemented in areas where patients receive clinical services and where on-hand consumable supply inventory is tracked, stored, retrieved, and distributed by medical staff for use in patient care. ParEx is unique because it uses a physical, weight-based, calibrated scale system that removes the human element from inventory replenishment. This results in control over quantities and types of supplies stored, reduced need to inventory supplies manually and ability to analyze web-based information centrally. The end result is high supply chain efficiency at a reduced cost. The DMLSS POU Integration effort was developed in support of the DMLSS Implementation Project, which is an interagency project between VA and the Department of Defense to implement one (1) supply chain system at VA. DMLSS will communicate with VA systems through a HealthConnect to Defense Automated Addressing System interface to include: the Financial Management System, the Credit Card System and Integrated Funds Distribution Control Point Activity, Accounting and Procurement, Electronic Contracting Management System, Federal/Non-Federal Receiving Reports, and POUs.”

“Implementation is planned as a phased rollout of DMLSS as a Government Off the Shelf product using an adapted Software as a Service model. DMLSS rollout started with James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center (JALFHCC) then to Veterans (Health) Information Systems Networks (VISN) 20 Initial Operating Capacity (IOC) sites, Mann-Grand staff (Spokane) and Seattle/American Lake (Puget Sound) and is planning to rollout to remaining the sites enterprise wide under this effort during the next five (5) years. The Contractor will reconfigure the existing ParEx interface to communicate with the DMLSS material management system. This reconfiguration will ensure continued automated medical supply inventory management after transition from the VA’s legacy material management system (Veterans Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) Generic Inventory Package (GIP)) to DMLSS/LogiCole. Lack of a  reconfigured interface would negatively impact both the DMLSS program deployment timeline and the efficient delivery of care to Veterans across the VA enterprise. The Contractor will also provide cloud migration service to support VA’s infrastructure modernization efforts…”

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Contract Duration: 36 months
Total Contract Value: $5,774,624.03
RFP ID: 36C10B21R0025
Award ID: 36C10B21C0041



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