CMS RFP: Contact Center Training and Content

Updated October 13, 2021

Notice ID: 75FCMC21R0041

“Introduction: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) seeks a contractor to develop and maintain training and content for use by customer service representatives (CSRs) within its Contact Centers of Operations (CCO). These training and content materials are used by CSRs to respond to inquiries. The training and content materials must be complete, accurate, and consistent across all contact center channels…”

“Period and Place of Performance: CMS anticipates award of a contract with a one-year base period plus four (4) one-year option years for a total potential period of performance of five (5) years…”

“Scope of Work: To support the efficient delivery of multichannel customer service for Medicare and Marketplace inquiries, the CTC contractor shall provide services across four simultaneous workstreams:

  • Content Development. Develop and update scripts and other relevant quick alert materials across all CSR communication channels in English and Spanish.
  • Develop and manage a training program, including computer-based, instructorled, and train-the-trainer materials to increase the quality of customer service interactions in the contact center.
  • Continuous Improvement. Continually assess and prioritize opportunities for improvements, including the effectiveness of content and training. Program Management. Maintain optimal staffing, coordination, and efficiency of the CTC program in support of a 24×7 contact center operation, including maintaining twoway communication with CMS and CMS-designated contractors. In addition to providing support for Medicare and Federally Facilitated Marketplace (Marketplace) inquiries, the CTC contractor shall provide support for the rollout of new inquiry types related to new initiatives or program changes. The CTC contractor must understand CCO’s technology, regulatory, and knowledge management…”

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Posted August 12, 2020

Solicitation: A200128

The purpose of this contract is to develop training and e-Learning products designed to increase the Medicare and Marketplace knowledge of the CSRs and support them in providing world class service to our beneficiaries and consumers. It is important that the potential training and content contractor understand the complexity of the Medicare and Marketplace programs and the scope of the information that CSRs provide in response to inquiries.  The contractor must be capable of developing both classroom training materials and eLearning solutions for self-paced modules to support the multiple contact centers that are staffed with an estimated 10,000 CSRs nationwide. Additionally, the contractor must have the ability to proactively review Medicare and Marketplace policy and new Government provided information to develop and verify the accuracy of scripts, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and other content across all contact center communication channels (telephone, written correspondence, web chat, etc.). It is also important that the contractor possesses an in-depth understanding of the functionality of Next Generation Desktop (NGD), which is the primary application used by the CSRs during all customer interactions. CMS requires that information being provided is accurate, understandable, and consistent across all channels of communication.

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