EHR Intelligence: Joint HIE, FHIR Adoption Support Data Sharing for Veteran Care

“The implementation of a joint HIE and FHIR adoption have helped  support data sharing for veteran care, Bill Tinston, director of the Federal Electronic Health Record Modernization Effort (FEHRM), noted at a Cerner Health Conference session.”

“As the DOD and VA work to implement a single common federal EHR system for veterans, Tinston explained that federal officials created a joint health information exchange (HIE) to support interoperability with community healthcare providers. This is especially critical given the MISSION Act, which allows veterans facing extraordinary care access barriers to get that care a non-VA facilities.”

“Prior to the creation of the joint HIE, interoperability with community healthcare providers was relatively low among VA and DOD healthcare organizations, Tinston noted.”

“’At this point, we’re at about 65 percent interoperability from a data perspective and it appears to us that we’re going to get well over 95 percent by the end of this calendar year,’ Tinston said.”

“Tinston explained that in addition to improving clinician access to veteran health information, the joint HIE has helped improve how clinicians view and interact with that data…” Read the full article here.

Source: Joint HIE, FHIR Adoption Support Data Sharing for Veteran Care – By Hannah Nelson, October 18, 2021. EHR Intelligence.



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