GovernmentCIO: VA Centralizes Community Care Management

“The Department of Veterans Affairs will be centralizing financial management of its community care program within the Veterans Health Administration, a process that represents the first step of its newly integrated access and care coordination model.”

“The plan outlines steps to launch a coordinated care model with the intent of providing more streamlined access to care.”

“’Once the model is developed and implemented, with veteran and Veterans Service Organization input, veterans will see an integration of the care they receive through a VA medical facility and in the community,’ according to an Oct. 5 VA press release.”

“Veterans often turn to community outlets when looking for care that cannot be provided by accessible VA facilities, or when a veteran lives in a state or region without a full-service medical facility.”

“VA has coordinated with non-VA care networks to provide these additional services since the precursor Veterans Administration was founded in 1930, with the agency upholding similar partnerships over the intervening decades. This relationship was codified with the Veterans Community Care Program’s launch in 2013, and subsequently updated with new criteria following the 2018 MISSION Act.”

“This latest transition appears focused on smoothing this relationship, with VA describing one of its core goals as ‘[reducing] overlap and duplication within care access and financial functions.'”

“Eliminating the aforementioned redundancies is a priority in light of the increasing number of veterans who seek care outside of VA clinics and hospitals each year…” Read the full article here.

Source: VA Centralizes Community Care Management – By Adam Patterson, October 20, 2021. GovernmentCIO.



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