HHS IHS RFP: Software Based Medical Device Support

Notice ID: 75H70122R00003

“Background: The IHS Clinical Engineering Program currently relies on the services provided by an external organization to meet the needs described in section 1.4 – Scope of Work. Our program depends on these services to ensure the safety of our patients, uninterrupted accreditation of our facilities, and depends on its technical and financial guidance to make the most effective medical device procurement decisions.”

“Objectives: Vendor will provide a software based service through which Clinical Engineering Program members can access medical device information, standardize medical equipment classification, and receive medical device recall alerts.”

“Scope: Vendor will provide the Indian Health Service Clinical Engineering Program members the following services/products:

  • A vendor hosted software platform where CE members can access the following:
    • Medical device product comparison, evaluation, and guidance information showing comparative ratings on medical devices, products and technologies.
    • Market research information, sources and tools showing those medical devices, products and technologies that are most frequently purchased, price range(s) expected/paid, and available suppliers.
  • Standardized, global naming convention that can be used for IHS medical device inventory classification and categorization of:
    • Manufacturers and suppliers
    • Repair/service providers
    • Specific medical device models
    • Specific types of devices (asset types) and/or services of medical devices, medical device systems, and related items.
  • Perform periodic and on-demand review of medical device inventory information submitted by the IHS in order to provide data ‘normalization’ and ‘standardization’.
  • Provide medical device safety recalls and alerts that have been aggregated across several sources such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), manufacturers, vendors, end users (hospitals, health facilities, etc.) …”

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