Press Release: NetImpact Wins a New Contract to Prototype DHA’s First Virtual Education Center (VEC)

“NetImpact Strategies, Inc. (NetImpact) announced today that it was awarded Defense Health Agency’s (DHA) VEC Prototype contract. NetImpact, with its partner, CoherentRX, competed against 11 other teams and successfully demonstrated an exceptional solution for the opportunity to develop the Virtual  Education Center (VEC) for the Military Health Systems’ 9.6M beneficiaries. The DHA VEC Prototype Project was awarded as an Other Transaction Authority (OTA) to streamline the pilot so that  beneficiaries can reap its benefits sooner.”

“Led by DHA’s Deputy Assistant Director (DAD) of Education and  Training (E&T) and managed by the Program Manager for Medical  Simulation and Training (PM MST), the VEC is intended to become the new  “source of truth” for patient educational information on a diagnosis –  extending the patients point of care experience through a rich virtual experience that allows both the patient and provider to collaborate in a way that more positively affects health outcome. The prototype project includes the research, design, development, test, cybersecurity, and deployment support necessary to deploy the product as a pilot before an enterprise rollout.”

“‘We feel privileged for the opportunity to collaborate with DHA on an effort so intimate to its core mission and to be at the forefront of innovating on wellness, said Stephanie Wilson, NetImpact Chief Operating Officer. ‘Facilitating patient literacy and  awareness by improving the ease of access and automating their education needs will completely change patient involvement by empowering them for better patient outcomes!'”

“NetImpact’s solution is designed with interoperability in mind, delivering an integration plan for future integration with MHS GENESIS as a part of driving a seamless electronic health care (EHR) experience for physicians and patients alike. NetImpact’s approach to the VEC  prototype will leverage its DX360°™ offerings of PlatformFirst™, Mission-Centered Design™, and ParadigmSHIFT™.” See the press release here.

Source: NetImpact Wins a New Contract to Prototype DHA’s First Virtual Education Center (VEC) – October 7, 2021. PR Newswire.

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