Press Release: NetImpact Wins the Ektropy Contract to Provide Agile Software Development and Sustainment for the Defense Health Agency (DHA)

“NetImpact Strategies, Inc. (NetImpact) announced today that it was awarded DHA’s Ektropy Support Services contract. Ektropy is a software solution that aligns and creates visibility into organizational strategy to the people executing the vision enabling DHA leadership to make decisions based on more complete and higher quality data. Defense Health Agency (DHA) is a joint, integrated Combat Support Agency responsible for providing a medically ready force and a ready medical force to Combatant Commands as well as the delivery of integrated, affordable, and high-quality health services to over 9.5M Military Health System beneficiaries.”

“NetImpact will provide a full range of agile application development and sustainment services including Agile program management, systems design, systems engineering, systems integration, cybersecurity, data analytics, organizational change management, operations and maintenance. Ektropy system provides integrated insight into personnel, programs, and costs – facilitating traceability between execution, planning, and budgeting along with real-time monitoring of IT resource availability and use. Ektropy has become the new way of ensuring mission execution and success within the Deputy Assistant Director for Information Operations (DAD-IO) and the MTFs for all IT resources.”

“We are honored to continue collaborating with the brilliant men and women at DHA to support Ektropy requirements.” said Lisa Liu, Director, who oversees the grand vision for Ektropy as the NetImpact Program Manager. “Team NetImpact is looking forward to supporting next generation Ektropy system to enable a culture of transparency and accountability that allows an organization of over 10,000 hard-working Americans to focus their scarce resources on what truly matters – delivering mission impact and serving beneficiaries.” See the press release here.

Source: NetImpact Wins the Ektropy Contract to Provide Agile Software Development and Sustainment for the Defense Health Agency (DHA), September 22, 2021. NetImpact.

NetImpact was named to the updated list of NXT UP firms poised to make big waves in the Federal sector in 2020 and for years to come and they were recently identified as being among the Rising Federal Health IT Companies Recognized by Inc. for Astounding Growth.



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