VA to award contract for Sunrise Decision Support System (DSS) Software Maintenance

Notice ID: 36C10B22Q0018

“Description of Action: The proposed sole source action is for a firm-fixed-price (FFP) contract for the renewal of software maintenance and help desk support for Sunrise Decision Support System (DSS) software with Strata Decision Technology, 200 E Randolph St. Chicago, IL 60601.”

“Description of Supplies or Services: Veterans Health Administration, Office of Finance, Managerial Cost Accounting (MCA) Office, has a requirement for ongoing annual maintenance and support of existing DSS software, from Strata Decision Technology, currently used enterprise-wide by VA as its designated MCA system.”

“DSS software is proprietary Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software that only Strata Decision Technology has the authority to maintain, update, and modify. DSS software was fully deployed as VA’s enterprise wide MCA in 1999. This software is designated as the system that exclusively provides VA compliance with Public Law 101-576 (Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Act of 1990) and its government-wide cost accounting standards.”

“MCA transforms day-to-day operational data into tactical information that is used by leadership to make informed operational decisions. The DSS software provides integration of clinical, financial, and workload data that enables decision-makers to determine costs down to an individual episode-of-care, product, and/or benefit provision, thus improving the quality of medical care and benefits. Furthermore, MCA calculates the total operating costs of a healthcare network, medical center, station, or department and differentiates between fixed and variable costs and between direct and indirect costs. This enables management to establish a datadriven operating budget and to monitor any variances from expected costs and workload and also compare performance and productivity among VA stations and medical centers. MCA is utilized at all levels of VA, from a single department at a clinic or regional office to the Office of the Secretary, Office of Management and Budget (0MB), and U.S. Congress.”

“The Contractor shall provide software maintenance services for DSS software to include periodic functional maintenance and updates to the software, customization enhancements to meet changing VA requirements, and consultative support to MCAO Help Desk and VA Austin Information Technology Center’s staff in order to support all mainframe operations related to DSS software. These services will ensure the software remains operational. No hardware or software will be procured as a result of this action. This action is for software maintenance and help desk support services only. The period of performance shall be with three 12-month option periods…”

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