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“The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is seeking exceptional candidates for the position of Deputy Director, Office of Strategic Coordination (OSC).  This is an exciting opportunity to lead innovative and transformative research supported through the NIH Common Fund (CF), a fund of approximately $650 million that supports strategic scientific programs of high priority for the NIH as a whole. This highly collaborative work requires extensive coordination with Institute and Center (IC) Directors and their senior staff in Program, Grants Management, and Other Transaction Management.

As Deputy Director, you will participate in all aspects of OSC activities, with emphasis on program development and implementation. You will lead efforts to (1) work with IC Directors and their Senior Staff, Advisory Councils, and the external community to identify emerging opportunities and challenges in biomedical/behavioral research that would benefit from CF support; (2) plan, implement, and evaluate high impact programs that foster transformational discoveries and/or that establish transformative technologies; (3) establish data resources that make data from CF programs Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR); (4) plan, implement, and evaluate programs that are intended to transform the clinical and behavioral research enterprise and to test new models of workforce support; (5) establish and maintain relationships with professional societies, IC colleagues, and other stakeholders to ensure that their perspectives inform CF programs; (6) establish policies and practices for the use of Other Transaction (OT) Awards and oversee OT awards in pursuit of programmatic objectives for CF and other OD programs; (7) oversee a staff of approximately 30 federal employees who lead CF programs and administer OT awards.

In this position, you will also represent the Director, OSC, in high-level meetings and help establish strategic relationships with senior leaders at the NIH, DHHS, other Federal agencies, academia, scientific and professional societies, foundations, private industry, and foreign research agencies. You will advise the Director, OSC, and the Director, DPCPSI, and provide executive and managerial leadership for CF programs.  You will work closely with OSC staff and delegate wide responsibility for day-to-day management of the OSC. Your work will be trans-NIH in nature, including but not limited to strategic initiative planning and development; progress reviews and assessment of success in achieving initiative goals; extramural policy implementation; and evaluation of models and approaches to determine their future use in CF programs. In this work, you will spearhead the development of workshops or conferences to seek input from the extramural or intramural researchers, integrate that information, and develop scientific priorities and goals for OSC programs and for the coordination of OSC programs with those of the ICs.

As Deputy Director, you will present at domestic and international meetings, conferences, and symposia to inform the scientific and general public about NIH Common Fund research priorities, programs, and opportunities. You will foster partnerships and collaborations across the NIH, including with Intramural Divisions, to optimize the programs supported by the CF.  You will work with ICs to provide support for their effort in managing CF programs, including working with Budget and Communications groups across the ICs. You will maintain current knowledge of NIH extramural policies, represent CF programs in trans-NIH policy discussions, and ensure that CF programs adhere to all NIH policies.

In this position, you will lead OSC efforts to further the goals of equal employment opportunity (EEO) by taking positive steps to build and support diversity within the Office and by adhering to nondiscriminatory employee practices with regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or handicap.  You will exercise leadership to ensure that all CF programs reflect the principles of workforce diversity in management and operation in such areas as recruitment and staffing, employee development, staff assignments, and communications.”

“Required Qualifications

NIH seeks candidates with strong communication and teamwork skills, who have a commitment to scientific excellence and the energy, enthusiasm, and innovative thinking necessary to be part of the leadership team of a dynamic and diverse organization.  Applicants must possess an M.D. and/or Ph.D., or comparable doctorate degree in a field of health science plus senior-level research experience and outstanding knowledge of large, collaborative research programs within biomedical/behavioral research.  They should be known and respected within their profession, both nationally and internationally, as individuals who have led research that aims to deliver research resources, data, technology, or methods to broad user communities. They must have a distinguished record of research accomplishments and leadership credentials and must be familiar with NIH processes.  Applicants must also have demonstrated experience in setting, planning, implementing, and analyzing program objectives and priorities.  They should have the demonstrated leadership and ability to engage others to create and execute an organization’s vision; to navigate successfully within and collaborate across the public sector to achieve research objectives; and to optimize organizational performance by developing strategic priorities, setting and communicating clearly defined expectations, promoting accountability for results, and resolving operational problems and issues.  Candidates should have demonstrated management acumen; proven ability to make complex and strategic decisions to optimize resource usage, mitigate risks, and achieve desired results; and, the ability to build, mentor, motivate, and maintain a culturally diverse biomedical research workforce.”

Read the full job description here.

G2X TAKE: Those who support the National Institutes of Health may want to influence who applies for this role that will lead efforts to implement and evaluate high impact programs that foster transformational discoveries and/or that establish transformative technologies; establish policies and practices for the use of Other Transaction (OT) Awards; and oversee OT awards in pursuit of programmatic objectives for CF and other OD programs.




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