Biden executive order seeks ‘seamless’ customer experience across federal services including VA and HHS

“President Joe Biden signed an executive order Monday focused on improving customer experience within government and building on its ongoing work to improve the equity of public-facing services.

Biden during the signing ceremony said his executive order will ‘make government work more effectively’ so that it’s ‘not as confusing and straightforward.’…”

“’When a disaster survivor, single parent, immigrant, small business owner, or veteran waits months for the government to process benefits to which they are entitled, that lost time is a significant cost not only for that individual, but in the aggregate, for our nation as a whole,’ the executive order states…”

“GSA Administrator Robin Carnahan said the agency, as the home of governmentwide shared services, has a ‘leading role to play’ in meeting the goals of the executive order.

‘From disaster relief to student loans, the American people deserve government services that are reliable, equitable, and accessible — without having to navigate a convoluted maze of processes and websites,’ Carnahan said…”

“To reduce barriers to access for people who are experiencing poverty or rely on social safety net programs, the executive order directs agencies to implement a ‘no-wrong door’ approach, in which users who sign up for one agency program or benefit can get connected to other related programs…” Read the full article here.

Source: Biden executive order seeks ‘seamless’ customer experience across federal services – By Jory Heckman, December 13, 2021. Federal News Network.



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