NIH CIT lead says Modernization Requires a Balance of Everyday Operations With Innovation

“At the National Institutes of Health’s Center for IT, COVID-19 showcased this necessity to triage IT resources and personnel to continue work amid new pandemic-induced challenges.

This led to a ‘strategic pause’ for the office’s 2020 strategic modernization plans to support ongoing operations amid the pandemic, noted its Deputy Director Stacie Alboum…”

“Alboum said that the new hybrid work environment that NIH is embracing has made her reconsider plans for both normal operations and modernization. This has included expanding and tweaking current operations and work, such as digital services, while also introducing new solutions to address upcoming needs, like making a hybrid work environment equitable through technology…”

“While most telework models are based on where employees are located, Alboum said NIH wants to move toward human-centric telework, meaning that the institutes want to not just enable flexibility about where their employees work, but when and how they work. This future-facing direction, she said, has required IT operations and transformation to meet NIH’s organizational and personnel needs…” Read the full article here.

Source: Modernization Requires a Balance of Everyday Operations With Innovation – By Melissa Harris, December 1, 2021. GovernmentCIO.



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