NIH intends to award purchase order for Database Consulting Services

Notice ID: NIH-SS-6173456

“The purpose of this notice is to inform the public that the National Institutes of Health, Office of the Director, Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) anticipates issuing a purchase order to NetLink IT development team to assess the current software capabilities of the Prototype RM Database; lead software requirements gathering meetings; document additional software requirements in a Software Requirements Document (SRD); code additional software; and facilitate testing & deployment to the ODS public website.”

“ODS collaborated with the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) on the Prototype RM Database development; however, NIST ended its support of the project in 2020.  ODS assumed ownership of the Prototype RM Database and is now seeking to collaborate with NetLink to develop and deploy the database.  NetLink helped facilitate the transfer of the Prototype RM Database from NIST to ODS which puts it in a unique position of understanding and knowledge to assist with the upgrade of the software and deployment to the ODS public website.   Though not the original developer of the RM Database, NetLink knows the protype database software source code; understands the current database software; comprehends the scope of additional work needed to upgrade the software in advance of testing and deploying it to the ODS public website; and recognizes the technical requirements of the project.  Procuring from a different vendor would significantly delay the deployment of the Prototype RM Database and result in duplication of costs…”

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