Report: Cerner in talks to be acquired by tech giant Oracle

“Cerner Corp., Kansas City’s largest private employer, is in talks to be acquired by tech giant Oracle, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.”

“The Wall Street Journal story cites anonymous sources familiar with talks between the two companies. Sources predict the buyout could be worth $30 billion. If Cerner were bought by Oracle, valued at more than $280 billion, it would go down as one of the largest takeovers of the year, according to the Journal.”

“Cerner officials could not immediately be reached for comment Thursday night.”

“Based in Austin, Texas, Oracle designs and sells hardware and software products.”

“Cerner got its roots in Kansas City as healthcare IT provider by pioneering the digitization of the nation’s paper records. It grew exponentially into one of the top players in that industry…”

“With business ties to Amazon, Cerner has long been speculated as fertile ground for a takeover, particularly from major tech players like Apple, Amazon and Google.”

“Such speculation only intensified when Cerner hired David Feinberg as its CEO this fall. Feinberg is a medical doctor who previously worked as the vice president of Google Health.” Read the full article here.

Source: Kansas City-based Cerner in talks to be acquired by tech giant Oracle, report says – By Kevin Hardy, December 17, 2021. Kansas City Star.



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