Through new Office of Digital Transformation, FDA putting business ahead of IT says CIO

“Data and science are at the center of the mission of the Food and Drug Administration.”

“This is why the agency created the new Office of Digital Transformation. It is the final step in a two-year effort to reorganize how the FDA uses data and technology to protect and promote public health.”

“Vid Desai, FDA’s chief information officer, said the Office of Digital Transformation (ODT) will drive change down to the individual centers and offices to improve their mission delivery.”

“‘Science and data are at the heart of everything we do as an agency. So this reorganization basically recognizes the importance and the strategic role that IT plays in all aspects of the agency’s operations. Good IT and data management will fundamentally improve and help scale what FDA does as part of its work, and we’re taking an integrated approach to enterprise technology, data and cybersecurity,’ Desai said on Ask the CIO. ‘We needed to elevate the stature of the IT organization. That was one of the primary reasons for announcing the reorganization. It elevates the agency’s IT, data and cybersecurity to the agency level, which was something that we’ve never had within the FDA. It improves our ability to govern more effectively, reduce the duplication and the fragmentation that occurs when we work in more of an organizational siloed manner.'”

“The FDA announced this reorganization in September, which included naming Desai as its new CIO, making him the leader of ODT and bringing all the CIO functions under the new organization…” Read the full article here.

Source: Through new Office of Digital Transformation, FDA putting business ahead of IT – By Jason Miller, December 10, 2021. Federal News Network.



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