VA RFP: Fraud Prevention Solution Software Subscription

Notice ID: 36C10A22R0002

“The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Financial Services Center (FSC) is a franchise fund site operated under the Government Management Reform Act, Public Law 103-356. Consequently, the VA FSC receives no federally appropriated funding and is required to market VA FSC services to customers. The FSC provides financial services to VA as well as other government agencies. The FSC Financial Technology Service (FTS) operates and maintains a complex portfolio of over 80 programs, projects and products that depend on reliable, state of the art financial technology solutions. The FSC Nationwide Vendor-File Section maintains 2.5 million centralized vendor files for the VA’s Financial Management System (FMS). The FMS vendor files are used to process payments and are updated daily, adding new vendor records, changing existing vendor records and/or deleting existing vendor records. FSC FTS is responsible for hosting services on premises and performing/managing the operating system, technology stack and server upgrades. The existing system receives new vendor requests and vendor change requests, which are processed by the FSC’s Nationwide Vendor File Management team. The fraud prevention solution shall enhance the FSC’s vendor verification and validation process; however, it will not replace the FSC vendor verification and validation process. The users of the Contractor’s fraud prevention solution are the internal VA Vendor team. The VA Vendor team will obtain the information from the VA’s vendors through the existing workflow and provide the information to the Contractor for review and analysis.”

“The Contractor shall provide a fraud prevention solution and technical support that performs real-time (defined below) and pro-active fraud protection verification and validation prior to the FSC accepting the vendor within the FSC FMS as a verified vendor. Real-time is defined as relating to a system in which input data is processed within milliseconds so that it is available virtually immediately as feedback. The Contractor shall provide a telephone number for technical support…”

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