White House elevates CX with executive order to impact VA.gov

“President Biden signed an executive order today aimed at improving the federal government’s service delivery to Americans.

The White House said that the order will create a ‘sustained, cross-government service delivery process’ aligned with specific life moments like retirement where Americans interact with government services…”

“The executive order will include both specific action items – 36 ‘commitments’ across 17 agencies – and kick off government-wide efforts to improve service delivery by organizing efforts around key ‘life experiences,’ Jason Miller, Deputy Director for Management at the Office of Management and Budget, told reporters in a call previewing the order.

Speaking about efforts to organize services that might span across agencies but center on one experience, like poverty, Miller said that citizens should have a ‘simple and seamless’ process…”

“The order also includes a list of specific ‘high-impact service providers’ in government identified because of the volume and type of services they deliver. They’ll be subject to certain performance measurements and improvement plans.

These include General Services Administration’s USA.gov; the Office of Personnel Management’s retirement services and federal employment services; the Social Security Administration and the Veterans Affairs Department’s Veterans Benefits Administration and Veterans Health Administration, among others…” Read the full article here.

Source: White House elevates CX with executive order – By Natalie Alms, December 13, 2021. FCW.



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