CMS Sources Sought: National Data Warehouse (NDW)

Notice ID: 230187

“Purpose of the National Data Warehouse (NDW): The NDW provides the CMS and its partners with secure access to a large centralized collection of accurate, valid, and reliable data from all customer contact channels, delivering needed strategic, tactical, analytical, operational, and transactional business intelligence driving fact-based decisions and continuous process improvements at the CCO…”

“The Contractor Shall:

  1. Implement NDW changes to accommodate upstream system changes, such as Next Generation Desktop (NGD) and Intelligent Voice Responses (IVRs) periodic releases.
  2. Perform NDW operations, ensuring that NDW functions as required and satisfies CMS expectations.
  3. Adopt CMS-approved tools providing a reliable, repeatable,and secure approach to managing configuration items on the CMS AWS platform.
  4. Produce and maintain Version Description Documents (VDD) to track and control each unique software release and versionof commercial-off-the-shelf software (COTS) deployed to the CMS AWS platform.
  5. Develop and test ETL code in response to source system changes and new requirements submitted by the NDW user community.
  6. Perform appropriate development, validation, implementation, and operational testing for all NDW system changes.
  7. Assist the NDW DSPs by establishing Joint Operating Agreements (JOAs), defining roles and responsibilities, points of contact, and escalation procedures to resolve issues.
  8. Support file transfer issues and address technical problems with the electronic funds transfer (EFT) infrastructure.
  9. Perform data collection from numerous operational source systems, data enrichment, and integration to ensure that the required data elements appropriately populate the single, web-based information datastore…”

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