CMS Sources Sought: Education & Outreach Contractor Support

Notice ID: 220378

“CPI is seeking technical professional services from an Education and Outreach Contractor to assist with the development, execution, and assessment of multi-pronged education and outreach initiatives designed to promote and educate targeted stakeholders on Program Integrity (PI)  initiatives and data transparency, while detecting and reducing FWA in CMS programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and the Marketplace, along with, identifying, measuring, and preventing improper payments in the Medicare Fee-For-Service (FFS) program.  Under this contract, the Education and Outreach Contractor shall perform numerous tasks through education and outreach and applying industry-standard best practices. The Education and Outreach Contractor shall also develop tracking and metric collection methodologies to demonstrate learning and behavioral changes from activities.”

“This contract supports the mission of CMS’ CPI to detect, prevent, and deter FWA and reduce improper payments. Specifically, the Education and Outreach Contractor shall support:

  • Integrating program integrity education and outreach activities throughout CPI initiatives to support a holistic and coordinated program integrity strategy
  • Expanding education and outreach efforts to reach all relevant audiences and their stakeholders with the most timely and accurate education and outreach information
  • Responding rapidly to vulnerabilities to contain and mitigate FWA as quickly as possible
  • Reducing improper and fraudulent payments from Government programs to healthcare providers
  • Establishing greater transparency, stakeholder participation, and collaboration to improve and promote accountability, efficiency, and effectiveness in CMS programs…”

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