DHA RFI: Ready Reliable Care High Reliability Organization Support Contract

Notice ID: HT0011-22-RFI-0127

The Defense Health Agency (DHA) is issuing this Sources Sought Notification as a means of conducting market research to identify resources and capability to assist the Deputy Assistant Director (DAD) Strategy, Planning and Analysis (SPA) and DAD Medical Affairs (MA) to provide support for the Ready Reliable Care (RRC) Campaign Plan Strategic Initiative, as well as essential programs in Quality and Safety within the Clinical Support Division.

Following the 2014 MHS Review, the Secretary of Defense directed the MHS to transform into a High Reliability Organization (HRO). The objective was to elevate the MHS from good sound medical practice to consistently great medical practice which was highly reliable across the entire MHS and reduced variation in treatment practices. While all the Services moved forward in 2014 toward advancing this objective, the lack of a unified MHS mission, vision and strategy led to fragmentation of initiatives and variable impacts across the enterprise.

To address the lack of standardization, the DHA developed Ready Reliable Care (RRC) as its unified HRO approach. In NOV 2021, the DHA approved RRC as a Strategic Initiative in the 22-26 Campaign Plan, providing a framework and strategy to transition the MHS to high reliability. It crosses all Campaign Plan Lines of Effort and directly impacts seven DHA Strategic and Operational Key Performance Indicators. The proposed contract will provide direct support to execute the RRC Strategic Initiative and also meet the need to continue addressing requirements to improve the care in the MHS as were unfolded in the MHS Review of clinical quality, patient safety, and access to care by providing expertise in education and training, knowledge management, maturity model, health information technology (IT), performance improvement, and communication services.

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