FCW: VA seeks dashboard to coordinate $21B health record project

“The Department of Veterans Affairs is looking for tech to help keep VA leadership up to date on its sprawling, $21 billion health record modernization project.”

“VA needs the dashboard in part because it can’t use an integrated master schedule tool developed by the Defense Health Agency due to licensing restrictions and data interoperability issues, according to contracting documents released by VA earlier this month.”

“The department envisions a dashboard tool that reaches all stakeholders in the Electronic Health Record Modernization project and connects and interoperates with the ‘datacenter-to-desktop dashboard developed for DHA,’ to facilitate communications and conveys information about scheduling, tasks and deadlines and supports executive level decision making.”

“According to the contracting documents, VA senior leaders need the dashboard data to develop ‘risk management contingency plans and escalation strategies,’ and to improve collaboration among the various internal and external stakeholders.  The RFI notes that the need for a common dashboard view of the project is particularly urgent for joint DOD/VA sites…” Read the full article here.

Source: VA seeks dashboard to coordinate $21B health record project – By Adam Mazmanian, January 18, 2022. FCW.



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