Healthcare IT News: HHS, DOD and vendors partner for critical care via telehealth

“Avel eCARE, a telehealth network and virtual hospital, helped develop the federally funded initiative known as the National Emergency Tele-Critical Care Network and is now expanding its work with the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Defense to provide critical care expertise to hospitals and municipalities struggling with COVID-19 surges in the South.”

“Over the past few months, the organizations have deployed telemedicine services to support care in at least a half-a-dozen states, including Texas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana.”

“For example, in Florida, Avel eCARE partnered with EMS workers to help get Regeneron delivered to homebound patients. EMS workers administered the treatment, then Avel eCARE clinicians provided remote monitoring to ensure the patients received 60 minutes of observation, enabling EMS workers to respond to others in need and distribute care faster on the ground.”

“As part of the government-funded program, Avel eCARE also provided critical care consulting to a small community hospital that was inundated with COVID-19 patients. They weren’t staffed to treat patients who were so sick and didn’t have experience with ventilators.”

“This hospital already had called 150 different places to try and find a tertiary care center to transfer folks to, but to no avail. Avel eCARE was able to provide remote support to help staff through by providing critical care consulting to clinicians on-site.”

“Healthcare IT News sat down with Lisa Lindgren, vice president of clinical operations at Avel eCARE, to learn more about NETCNN and telemedicine in the age of COVID-19…” Read the full article here.

Source: HHS, DOD and vendors partner for critical care via telehealth – By Bill Siwicki, January 18, 2022. Healthcare IT News.



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